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Signing up as a web hosting affiliate couldn’t be easier. It’s free to join and you don’t need any technical knowledge. Our affiliates benefit from our generous commissions and endorse us because of our outstanding customer service. If you want to promote an affordable and reliable web hosting company, then join our affiliate program today and start earning money for your referrals.

How Does Our Web Hosting Affiliate Program Work?

  • Sign Up to Be an Affiliate

    First, sign up for a free HostChain affiliate account. You don’t even need to be a HostChain customer to benefit from our affiliate program.

  • Refer Customers

    Choose which HostChain banners and visuals you’d like to display on your website. Sit back, and let your website visitors click through to our site.

  • Earn Money

    Every time someone clicks on our banner ads on your site, your custom tracking link records that you’ve referred them. Once they purchase, you get paid.

How Much Can You Earn as a HostChain Affiliate?

The more customers you refer to us each month, the more money you’ll make from each signup. It doesn’t cost you anything to become an affiliate, and you can earn as much as $125 per signup.

Take a look at our tiered pricing:

Signups Per Month
Money You Earn
1-5   $ 50 /signup
6-10   $ 70 /signup
11-20   $ 100 /signup
21+   $ 125 /signup

So, How Does This Translate…

If you refer 21 customers to us in any given
month through your affiliate tracking link,
you’ll get:

21 × $ 125 = $ 2625

There’s no limit to how many customers you
can refer to us each month, so you’re earning
potential is limitless.

Why Should You Become a HostChain Affiliate?

  • Generous Commissions, No Obligations

    The more customers you refer to HostChain, the higher your commission for each referral that makes a purchase. There’ no minimum monthly sales requirements - you can earn even from a single monthly referral.

  • Regular Monthly Payments and Limitless Earning Potential

    At HostChain, you won’t be waiting weeks to be paid. We’ll pay you every month without fail for the affiliate purchases you refer to us. There’s also no limit on the number of customers you can refer to us, which means there’s no limit on how much you can earn each month.

  • Simple and Straight Forward with Real-Time Tracking

    In your affiliate area, you’ll have access to all the tools you’ll need to keep track of your affiliate performance. You can choose from a range of banners and visuals, monitor your conversions, track your sales and payments, and control your referral status.

  • Affiliate Assistance – 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

    One of the main reasons that our affiliates endorse us is because of our outstanding customer service, and as a web hosting affiliate, you’ll have access to the same customer support, whenever you need it.

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