Terms of Service

At HostChain, we aim to provide an exceptional service built on performance and support. This Service Level Agreement outlines our commitment to our customers, and our remedies regarding our performance. It applies to all HostChain customers.

Our Uptime Guarantee

We endeavour to maintain a 99.99% service uptime, excluding any emergency maintenance or factors out with our control. In the event of any planned maintenance that may affect your service, we will notify you as far in advance as possible.

Factors that we deem out with our control include:

  1. Disruption or delay to third-party services, failure of third-party software, acts of governmental bodies, ‘acts of God’, labour strikes, transportation issues, and telecommunication issues.
  2. Scheduled hardware and software maintenance or upgrades.
  3. DNS issues that are not within our direct control.
  4. Customer negligence, misconduct, or breach of HostChain’s Terms of Service.

In instances where you have overdue invoices on your account, our service level agreement will be annulled.


Our network is monitored periodically, every 10 minutes. We keep track of our server availability using components that can monitor application traffic and responses. You acknowledge that our software and hardware may not provide the exact path measurements of your internet connection. We only guarantee accurate monitoring of your connections over HostChain’s network.

We reserve the right to change the way that we monitor our network without prior notice to you as our customer.

Hardware Failure

We carefully select the highest quality hardware for our network. Although hardware failure is rare, we cannot guarantee that it will be avoided altogether. In the event of hardware failure, we will replace all affected units within 12 hours. We define hardware as hard disks, processors, RAM, motherboards, and other components related to our servers.

Any failures that result in complete network or server outage will be remedied within 2 hours of identifying the issue. We will replace all faulty hardware on dedicated servers at no cost to the customer, in keeping with our free unlimited replacement policy.

Account Credits

Credit requests must be made directly to HostChain by email. Requests must be made within 5 days of the occurrence and will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Account Cancellations

Accounts can be cancelled by submitting a secure service cancellation form. Any other methods of request are not valid. Upon receiving your form, we will cancel your account within 60 minutes.  


HostChain reserves the right to change this Service Level Agreement without prior notice to you as our customer. We make no claims regarding the availability or performance of our network or servers.

This Service Level Agreement should be referred to alongside our Terms of Service.